Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Services Industry

Artificial intelligence is reinvigorating the way we work, and one of the biggest industries affected by AI is the financial services industry. AI is making it easier for financial institutions to provide services faster, with fewer errors and improved customer experience.

AI is increasingly being used by banks and credit unions to detect fraud and money laundering, reduce costs, and create innovative products and services. From being used in investment management to customer service, AI-powered applications can help financial institutions and advisors provide better advice to their clients by analyzing customer data and making better decisions about user experience, risk tolerance and investment opportunities. AI can also automate customer service tasks such as answering questions, providing advice, and processing payments.

In the investment management sector, AI-powered applications are being used to improve portfolio performance and reduce trading costs. AI can analyze market data and make recommendations based on historical trends and current conditions. We have seen companies such as, XYZ AND ABC, using predictive analytics to detect fraud even before it occurs.

In addition, AI is being used to automate certain aspects of financial services. AI-powered applications can automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry, data analysis, and report generation. This can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and free up employees to focus on more complex tasks.

AI-powered applications are now being used to create new investment products and services, such as automated trading systems and robot-advisors. In fact, research shows that AI in banking is set to hit $300 billion mark by 2030.

how is Virtual Reality is shaping the world?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real way by a person. The person wears a VR headset that tracks their head movements and displays the virtual environment. VR technology has come a long way in recent years, and the level of immersion it offers has greatly improved.

One of the most significant benefits of VR is its ability to create new and unique experiences that were previously not possible.

For instance, VR can be used for educational purposes, allowing students to explore and interact with a virtual environment that teaches them about history, science, or any other subject. In a similar manner, VR can also be used for therapeutic purposes, helping patients with anxiety or phobias confront their fears in a controlled and safe environment.

In the entertainment industry, VR is used to create new and exciting video games that allow players to be fully immersed in the game world. VR games are more engaging and offer a level of immersion that traditional games cannot match. VR can also be used to create virtual tours of museums, art galleries, and other cultural institutions, providing access to these institutions to people who may not have the ability to visit them in person.

Another area where VR is being used is in the field of architecture and interior design. Architects and designers can create virtual models of buildings and spaces, allowing clients to experience and interact with their designs in a fully immersive way. This technology can also be used in the construction industry and manufacturing to visualize and plan projects, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.  VR is being used in the military and emergency services for training purposes, allowing them to simulate real-world scenarios in a controlled and safe environment.

In conclusion, Virtual Reality technology has enormous potential for a wide range of applications, from education to emergency services, therapy, and beyond. As the technology continues to evolve, it will become even more accessible and offer even greater levels of immersion and interactivity.


There are literally hundreds of analytic use cases and hundreds of thousands of Trium info users within the global energy industry who are constantly finding new methods of exploring and exploiting their data to deliver value to their organizations. From analysing where to drill to estimating ultimate production, helping trading companies meet new opportunities and stay within regulation, or analysing the true margins of products shipped across the globe, helping energy utilities analyse customer demand forecasts only Trium info data analytics tools provide the depth of functionality, combined with speed and ease of use demanded by today’s energy industry.


  • Well Engineering
  • Production Optimization
  • Oilfield Services


Petroleum refining is a capital intensive and complex manufacturing environment faced with a wide range of challenges that must be navigated in order to maintain a company’s competitiveness and maximize its profitability.

  • Energy Trading
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Analysis
  • Maintenance Optimization


Deregulation, smart meters, volatile markets, aging infrastructure, and evolving consumer demands and options are increasing competition and driving new business challenges and opportunities in all areas of the utilities industry. Triuminfo can help you dramatically shift your business models with an increased focus on efficiency of operations, reliability of service, demand forecasting, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

Trium info offers the only analytic platform that help companies understand their assets through real-time monitoring of sensors and proactive alerting to impending issues, allowing for faster intervention and remedial action.

Trium info does this by letting users interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They develop insight faster and bring clarity to business issues or opportunities that can be securely shared across an organization.

  • Trium info allows you to combine outage analysis with load forecasting for a fuller picture of generation requirements and demand management.
  • Manage customer satisfaction and sentiment, propensity to buy and effectiveness of targeted offers

Consumer Goods and Retail

Predictive and event driven projections coupled with a dimension-free data mining environment improves marketing, decreases customer service costs, builds customer loyalty and enables better collaboration with distribution partners.

Category Performance and Forecasting

As you know, the ability to identify, understand, and target high-value customers within each product category is one of the most important factors for driving brand success, and is the foundation of all sales and marketing analysis. Using Trium info’s self-service discovery environment, you can quickly find unique and often missed patterns in market and segmentation data. Integration with existing statistical packages such as SAS, S-PLUS and R, enables less technical users to leverage traditional statistical clustering methods to ask and answer questions on demand. Brand Managers can freely explore and combine multiple data sources – from third-party compiled data to in-house sales data – and append and test these new data sources on the fly. Results are examined and clearly depicted, allowing hypotheses to be tested and shared more rapidly based on any dimension, measure or attribute. Segmentation data can also be dynamically adjusted at any geographic level, national or DMA, and immediately overlaid on interactive maps. And market data sources, such as ACNielsen and IRI, are much more easily manipulated and can be combined with internal data sources.

Campaign Management and Promotional Analysis

Marketing was transformed long ago from an art based on intuition and gut feelings into a data-driven science. Many tools have been developed to enable this transformation, starting with databases, proceeding to reporting and statistical tools, and continuing into campaign management and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. This revolution has accelerated the pace of marketing, but hasn’t provided an optimal platform from which to get the analytic insight that’s been driving transformation for the last twenty years.

With Trium info analytics, you can create one-time use segments for context specific actions for each campaign and see how campaign factors interact to create response. Then you can mashed up internal and external data sources on the fly to make the best decisions. Trium info also helps you understand how market segments, territories, and channels are affected by promotions so you can continually improve your promotional strategies. You can also efficiently find optimal marketing and promotional mixes by visualizing the impact of marketing programs on sales outcomes. Plus, with Trium info, you can gain the flexibility to conduct fast test-marketing programs without the need of IT prepping data and configuring new reports.

Product Management

From early-stage consumer research and product attribute testing, through manufacturability assessment and development cost management, Trium info helps you take advantage of and truly understand all of the data available to you. As a result, the highest quality decisions can be made to ensure the best possible chances for blockbuster consumer products. With Trium info, Product Marketers and Brand Managers gain immediate visibility into consumer trends that might signal new product opportunities, an easier way to assess survey and product testing results, and a quicker way to relate product features to assessment ranking and manufacturability. You can also use this powerful and flexible solution to leverage external market data sources, consumer surveys, and internal manufacturing systems-generated data to ultimately develop better overall consumer products.

Executive Insight

Big data holds big opportunities. We help you reveal them.

Trium info helps the world’s leading organizations transform their businesses by quickly delivering actionable insights. With Trium info, you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top brands in specific markets
  • Maximize performance and revenue across all your products
  • Reduce costs and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new products to market more quickly
  • Foster innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Always agile and powered by data-driven decisions, the best organizations anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than their competitors. The secret to many of their successes is Trium info. Get Trium info and turn your big data into your biggest asset.


Use data and analytics to improve products and operations.Leap ahead with best-in-class visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies.

The Trium info Insight Platform fuses our visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies providing a tool suite for optimizing business operations. Like a digital nervous system, it lets you build intelligence in your business, generates actionable insights in real time and let’s you capitalize on them. The platform lets you source the right data, analyze it with various techniques, and implement the resulting insights as a closed-loop solution with built-in continuous learning.

Featured Benefits

Prevent Machine Breakdowns

Data from sensors in the field and on the factory floor can be used to identify leading indicators of machine failures, optimize asset utilization, and schedule maintenance to achieve best performance and productivity. Monitoring with Trium info is an excellent way to sense and respond to signals in real time.

Avoid Expensive Quality Issues

Quality issues can become very expensive if not caught early. Quality swings are a fact of life, sometimes even after lean manufacturing techniques have been applied. Using Trium info to monitor quality allows early identification and rapid response to quality issues before they cause huge expense in the operational budget.

Boost Product Yields

Data-driven root-cause analysis, process debottleneck analysis, and defect reduction initiatives can all help in diagnosing and correcting process flaws that influence product yields. Using Trium info for yield management enables rapid root-cause analysis, baseline creation, and testing what-if scenarios.


  • Smart Analytics
  • Rich Operational Dashboards
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Insight From Big Data
  • IoT & Streaming Analytics
  • Built-in Predictive Modeling

Financial Services

Trium info provides powerful financial analytics to help institutional and retail market players monitor and analyze economic factors, assets and investments. With Trium info, you can run multiple scenarios, perform what-if analyses, and quickly understand potential outcomes to plan accordingly.

Further, Trium info helps you deploy an Enterprise Data Analytics Platform to a wide array of knowledge workers, from developers and analysts to end-users who are publishing and consuming data. All three aspects of your business – revenue, risk, and compliance – can be directly and positively impacted by Trium info.

With Trium infoe, it is easy to efficiently bring together and re-use your corporate knowledge in the form of data sources and/or repositories of business logic. Plus, Trium info enhances the planning and performance management functions by making it easy to a) highlight trends in data, b) detect outliers, c) run what-if scenarios, and d) freely explore the data without being constrained by pre-defined data structures such as cubes.

Capital Markets

With economic uncertainty continuing around the world, a sustained focus on capital optimization, liquidity management, efficiency and opportunities arising from ever-lower latency will be critical. Plus, a heightened regulatory climate will necessitate new levels of transparency and compliance. And for wealth management and brokerage firms, staying close to clients who are concerned about volatile markets will be crucial.

To enable you to meet these challenges, Trium info can help:

  • Investment banks, asset management firms, diversified financial firms and hedge funds significantly change operating principles.
  • Traders and institutional investors better understand the impact of significant market events on their positions and asset portfolios.
  • Accurately analyze market and trading data to evaluate the competitiveness of traded products.
  • Provide a robust visual and quantitative platform for equity research, counterparty risk management, and stress testing.
  • Discern trends that could help with capital market strategies such as hedging and asset management.
  • Quickly analyze prices, pre and post trade.
  • Independently validate market prices of assets such as bonds, and change material assumptions underlying the portfolio.
  • Visualize correlations across a number of macroeconomic variables, and validate firm-wide strategy on managing market risk.

Risk & Compliance Management

Currently, Risk and Compliance Management is very much an “After the Event” process, concentrating on gathering information after the business has been transacted. The sea change here is through the use of Trium info to provide a Risk and Compliance Management environment, which not only captures all elements of risk via consolidation of disparate data sources, but also actively predicts the likely future outcomes; thus allowing you to pro-actively deal with any projected threats to regulatory breaches and potential defaults.

Trium info brings the following gains:

  • Better decisions through visual understanding of complex measures. e.g. VaR, RAROC in relation to the corporate risk hierarchy.
  • A complete view of enterprise risk across silos allowing better alignment of risk measures and performance, improving capital allocation.
  • Greater clarity of risk for executives and regulators.
  • Lower latency because risk decisions can be based on up-to-date information.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is as much an art as it is a science. It’s making decisions about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance. Trium info provides portfolio managers and analyst with the ability to create the analytics they need from the data they want in the time frame they require.

Portfolio management is all about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the choice of debt vs. equity, domestic vs. international, growth vs. safety, and many other tradeoffs encountered in the attempt to maximize return at a given appetite for risk.

For portfolio managers and analysts, Trium info enables you to:

  • Better understand both current and overtime performance.
  • Compare portfolios against benchmarks by bringing in data from different asset trading and management systems.
  • Discern trends with portfolio management strategies such as risk-return asset allocation and hedging.
  • Quickly and accurately compare portfolios to discern the most optimal mix of assets.
  • Accurately and visually rate and quantify fund manager performance to understand the benefits of active management.
  • Create a global view of all financial portfolios, and visualize asset portfolios by asset class, strategy, management, and geography.

Executive Management

Big data holds big opportunities. We help you reveal them.

Trium info helps the world’s leading organizations transform their businesses by quickly delivering actionable insights. With Trium info, you can:

  • Boost awareness for your top brands in specific markets
  • Maximize performance and revenue across all your products
  • Reduce costs and risks by streamlining your operations
  • Increase agility by introducing new products to market more quickly
  • Foster innovation to consistently stay ahead of your competition

Always agile and powered by data-driven decisions, the best organizations anticipate opportunities and risks more effectively than their competitors. The secret to many of their successes is Trium info. Get Trium info and turn your big data into your biggest asset.