There are literally hundreds of analytic use cases and hundreds of thousands of Trium info users within the global energy industry who are constantly finding new methods of exploring and exploiting their data to deliver value to their organizations. From analysing where to drill to estimating ultimate production, helping trading companies meet new opportunities and stay within regulation, or analysing the true margins of products shipped across the globe, helping energy utilities analyse customer demand forecasts only Trium info data analytics tools provide the depth of functionality, combined with speed and ease of use demanded by today’s energy industry.


  • Well Engineering
  • Production Optimization
  • Oilfield Services


Petroleum refining is a capital intensive and complex manufacturing environment faced with a wide range of challenges that must be navigated in order to maintain a company’s competitiveness and maximize its profitability.

  • Energy Trading
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Analysis
  • Maintenance Optimization


Deregulation, smart meters, volatile markets, aging infrastructure, and evolving consumer demands and options are increasing competition and driving new business challenges and opportunities in all areas of the utilities industry. Triuminfo can help you dramatically shift your business models with an increased focus on efficiency of operations, reliability of service, demand forecasting, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

Trium info offers the only analytic platform that help companies understand their assets through real-time monitoring of sensors and proactive alerting to impending issues, allowing for faster intervention and remedial action.

Trium info does this by letting users interactively query, visualize, aggregate, filter, and drill into datasets of virtually any size. They develop insight faster and bring clarity to business issues or opportunities that can be securely shared across an organization.

  • Trium info allows you to combine outage analysis with load forecasting for a fuller picture of generation requirements and demand management.
  • Manage customer satisfaction and sentiment, propensity to buy and effectiveness of targeted offers