Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Services Industry

Artificial intelligence is reinvigorating the way we work, and one of the biggest industries affected by AI is the financial services industry. AI is making it easier for financial institutions to provide services faster, with fewer errors and improved customer experience.

AI is increasingly being used by banks and credit unions to detect fraud and money laundering, reduce costs, and create innovative products and services. From being used in investment management to customer service, AI-powered applications can help financial institutions and advisors provide better advice to their clients by analyzing customer data and making better decisions about user experience, risk tolerance and investment opportunities. AI can also automate customer service tasks such as answering questions, providing advice, and processing payments.

In the investment management sector, AI-powered applications are being used to improve portfolio performance and reduce trading costs. AI can analyze market data and make recommendations based on historical trends and current conditions. We have seen companies such as, XYZ AND ABC, using predictive analytics to detect fraud even before it occurs.

In addition, AI is being used to automate certain aspects of financial services. AI-powered applications can automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry, data analysis, and report generation. This can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and free up employees to focus on more complex tasks.

AI-powered applications are now being used to create new investment products and services, such as automated trading systems and robot-advisors. In fact, research shows that AI in banking is set to hit $300 billion mark by 2030.

OCRDESK Help Desk Portal

OCRDESK is a cloud-based, Multichannel Customer service support system which enabled to support great customer service with variable size of companies from low to high. We focused to make OCRDESK as simple as possible and easy to use so user can utilize it to achieve their business goal and track everything.

We always try to learn from failures and try to make our customer wishes and make them all happy. We growing year to year, today we have lots customers and they all are happy and satisfied with our customer services.

OCRDESK is Cloud-Base SaaS customer service/ help desk, suitable for all kind of service industry from remote to field service type including BFSI, ITES, Retail, Consultancy, Healthcare, Manufacturing. Geo location mark for service attend. It is basically CRM and Help desk to maintain entire work profile with full tracking of complain to attend report with all delivery and service status.

OCRDESK is fully automated and robotic application which helps to achieve business goal and serve client in easiest and more relevant way. It is Super User Friendly, Delivers Exceptional Customer Support and easy to operated by any one.

OCRDESK provides you various reports to achieve your goal like complain or ticket logged, attend detail, action taken, ticket status. It also have inbuilt auto escalation feature which helps admin and get proper un attend ticket report and owner to be alert time to time. It has fully automated PMS, Service expire reports with auto alert reminder to agent and client at same time, to keep our service and system on track.

OCRDESK also provides you billing and Quotation generation feature with Job sheet and report printing for field technicians.

For more better approach and easy way of service to client it has inbuilt chat system.

Telesaver (Telecom Value Management)

Telesaver helps optimize your network by managing all your fixed, mobile, voice and data expenditures and utilization through our industry-leading, cloud-based application. We capture all your billing, inventory, and utilization data in one unified, highly accessible platform that automatically provides the visibility you need across all your network assets and carrier services, analysis of usage and utilization to identify cost savings, and savings that accrue from implementation of each identified opportunity.

Telesaver support the complete procure-to-pay lifecycle including inventory, ordering, invoice management, billing, invoice validation, cost allocation, payment and all related workflows, saving you time and money with automation and improved processes. We can track orders, automate billing and inventory, validate contract rates, examine carrier patterns, catch late invoices, highlight unusual activities, and generate automated reports with just a few clicks. Unlike the competition, we offer automated data entry too. You only need to create codes and assignments once; subsequent imports will be automatic. You will no longer be burdened by tedious data entry, even if a vendor remaps its invoices. Our core services include data capture from e-bills.

Telesaver can automate almost everything, including assigning general ledger codes and matching invoice entries to cost centers, generating overviews of your total expenses from a single vendor, or storing data from all your mobile invoices in the right format in a single location.