CRM Portal

We have called this a CRM package because that is a label that business currently understands. However our “CRM” is so much more. Crossroads CRM by Trium Info is a web-based BUSINESS Relationship Management system that looks after your customers – past, present and future as well as your Suppliers and Partners. After all, these people need to have a relationship with you too, don’t they?

As it’s web-based, your sales team or partner managers etc. can update it when they are on the move. Your managers can instantly see how their sales teams are performing and how effective marketing campaigns are. Built around Industry best practice guidelines, the CRM application covers seven key areas: Companies – Contacts – Leads – Opportunities – Managed Accounts – Campaigns and Reports.

Track your customers, suppliers and partners.

Keep track of all events in the sales cycle from marketing campaigns and phone calls, to appointments and purchase history. Then use the Managed Accounts section to develop account strategies and see who influences who.

Get started quickly with our easy to use SyncCRM

Suitable for use to import all sorts of data and keep them synchronised with your other records. Use it with Google and Outlook as well as CSV and other types of data import. In addition, if you want us to make life even easier for you, why not just use our Quick Start Wizard. This pre-populates all of the necessary dictionaries for you and offers you the chance to add your own as well.

Extract up-to-the-minute reports

On your marketing and sales performance, helping you quickly understand what is working and what needs to be changed. Pre-designed reports can be personalised as you require, to show, just your data, or any other mix of personal and business data in tables and charts. All of this information is suitable for immediate export to reports and presentation packages if you wish.

Use best practices in your end-to-end relationship.

Without spending hours on set-up you will be given a fully customisable process that enables you to take a single entry of data throughout the entire sales cycle without ever needing to re-enter data at each point. This is time saving and reduces salespeople’s frustrations!

Simplify your e-marketing

By integrating your existing email system with Crossroads CRM, allowing you to send e-shots to customers and prospects at the click of a button. Create any sort of marketing plan you wish and apply it to your contacts and customers without data re-entry.