Insight Platform

Deeper Insight and Best Action Changes Everything
Leap ahead with best-in-class visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies.
The Trium info Insight Platform fuses our visual, predictive, and streaming analytics technologies providing a tool suite for optimizing business operations. Like a digital nervous system, it lets you build intelligence in your business, generates actionable insights in real time and let’s you capitalize on them. The platform lets you source the right data, analyze it with various techniques, and implement the resulting insights as a closed-loop solution with built-in continuous learning.

Featured Benefits

Speed insight for all your people

Shorten the cycle from data analysis to insight—from building and scoring predictive models and performing root-cause analysis to taking action. The Insight Platform connects people to smart systems for real-time decision support, automated action, and continuous learning.

Up your game

Analyzing and acting on real-time streaming data can change everything: uptime, innovation, revenue, and customer relationships—especially in high ROI business cases: connected vehicles, customer analytics, dynamic inventory, fraud detection, FX pricing, intelligent equipment, track and trace logistics..

Start fast, learn fast, run fast

Get your analyses into production quickly with freely available resources from the Trium info Community: accelerator frameworks with product templates and example solutions, product tips and tricks, videos, wiki articles, and access to professionals also deploying to production.


  • Big Data Analytics
  • Unlock the Value from ALL your Data
  • Rich Analytic Apps
  • Predictive Analytics Your Way
  • Immersive Data Preparation
  • Execute on Insights at Business Speed