Content Analytics

What is Big Content?

Beyond conventional Big Data, there exists a tsunami of information in the big data universe that has largely remained untapped. Big Data Analytics has morphed into a world of unstructured machine-generated data and human-generated content that is referred to as ‘Big Content.’ Nearly 80% of the information captured by organizations (regardless of industry) is comprised of human-created unstructured content, which continues to grow exponentially. Some examples of big content include chat logs, emails, documents, sales and service notes, CRM case notes, support tickets, weblogs, social media feeds, and more. This contextual value-adding information has remained under-used due to lack of recognition and inadequate technologies.

Explore Big Content

Access and assemble unstructured human-generated text-based information from any source in any format. Visualize and analyze big content within a single data analytics interface to derive contextual value and dig deeper beyond the norm to understand your business.

Get a 360 ? View of Your Business

Mashup and encapsulate unstructured content with structured data to get a complete picture of all aspects of the business, including information captured from both internal and external sources. Empower business users to have a positive impact on operational performance.

Know the ‘Why’ Behind the ‘What’

Transition from the traditional directed (know what you need) analytics to discovery- based (don’t know what to look for) analytics. Uncover new dimensions, trends, or patterns in your data to understand root cause. Seize every opportunity and be prepared to take preemptive actions to mitigate risk.

Make Holistic Decisions

Correlate all of your human-generated content in context with other structured data and realize deeper insights and value from your corporate data. Revolutionize the decision- making process across the enterprise by empowering users with previously unavailable knowledge that transparently considers all relevant information.

Key Features

  • Rich Text Analytics

    Leverage the broad spectrum of comprehensive text analytics capabilities that provide structure to unstructured content and greater insight.

  • Semless Visualization

    Experience the seamless user interface within for visualizing text analytics output augmented with full-text search.

  • Agility

    Process content from different sources with extensive configurable transformation functions.

  • Diverse Content Sources

    Extract and load content from varied data sources using out-of-the-box connectors for incredible performance.